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Shock before you stock! Its the only way to truly know what to stock, and what size. Knowledge is power!


Fish Stocking

Whether you're looking for a trophy bass pond, a catfish pond, or a simply a well developed mix of many different species, we can help! We provide the highest quality of sportfish, fish for vegetation control, and forage. 

Pictured here are triploid grass carp used to control rooted vegetation in ponds. These fish are sterile, live long lives, and produce results. They are also kind of cute!


Vegetation & Algae Control

One of the most common and annoying problems with ponds is excessive vegetation and algae. Any successful treatment begins with correct identification of nuisance vegetation type or types. Improper or unnecessary application of chemical treatments can be toxic to fish or wildlife or even cause fish kills.

Pictured to the top right, this pond was almost completely overgrown. The bottom photo shows the same pond, three weeks after one treatment.


Pond Sealing

It seems almost everyone either has a pond that leaks...or knows someone that does! Oklahoma has many different soil types that seep, plants and animals that make holes, and older ponds with dam issues. We use a liquid polymer sealant that will find leaks and expand to fill them! There is even a granular formulation that can be used to prevent leaks in newly constructed, dry ponds. The days of applying heavy, expensive clay, that never seems to work, are over!

Pictured here is Biologist, Jarryd Robison, applying liquid sealant to a pond near Collinsville. 


Pond Protection

Many animals can cause problems with ponds, the most common of which is the beaver. Beavers can destroy native and ornamental trees, clog spillways and undermine dams. Gophers can also cause major holes in dams and along shorelines. Our Nuisance Wildlife Control Officer can assist with these animal issues and more. 

Other Services:

- Fish Sampling

- Design, Installation, & Maintenance of Koi Ponds and Water Gardens

- Aerators (Fountains, bubblers, windmills)

- Fish Feeders

- Pond fertilization Program design and implementation

- New pond construction consultation

- Rotenone treatments

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